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Schedule of Events

Friday, October 14, 2022

7 pm: Fireworks Demonstration and Blind Pyro Competition

Free Admission for the public.  $1 hotdogs
This is a "bonus event" that will have consumer grade fireworks demonstrated courtesy of Raccoon Fireworks, Fireworks Forever, Spirit of '76, Red Rhino, Magic in the Sky, and Pyro Spec.
There will also be a "blind pyro" competition, which is the "Iron Chef" of fireworks.  3 pyro teams from all over Texas will be given an assortment of fireworks from our demo sponsors and given a set amount of time to create a pyromusical.  They will then shoot the show for spectators and the public will vote for their favorite! 
This bonus event is a fun and laid back time and is family-friendly, but is nothing compared to the displays that you will see on Saturday at the Festival.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

4 pm: Gates Open (Ticket Required)

Food Trucks


 Sno Time of Tolar.

Mi Cocina Food Trailer of Dublin.

The Rattler Shack of Tolar.

Speedy Spudz of Stephenville.


Shuckers of Hico


The Coffee Bar of Beaumont


Dippin' Dots of Waxahachie

Shorty's Chuckwagon of Stephenville

Lone Star Fireworks Festival-01(1).jpg

LSFF Concession Stand

casseroles togo.JPG

5 pm: Live Music


Baileigh Rhodes takes the stage.

7:15 pm: Displays Begin

NATIONAL ANTHEM- Led by Beth Stasey (North Texas Pyrotechnics)

1.4G Pyromusical Pro-Am-Led by Phillip Voelkel and Philip Wallack

1.4G Pyromusical Pro-Am - Led by Matt Schoen

1.4G Pyromusical Pro-Am -Led by Richard Holden

Drone Show-by Sky Elements Drone Shows

Flame Effects and Fireballs -Led by Bobby Stites

1.3G Pyromusical -Led by Johnathan Lincoln
Elegant Explosions)

1.3G Pyromusical  -#2 Led by Chris Stasey (North Texas Pyrotechnics)

1.3G Pyromusical  #3 Led by Jeremy Gohlke (Pow Pow Pyro)

Special Shells and liquid fuel mines between displays.

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